Easy and Difficult Actors to Work With According to Their Costars
May 23, 2022 By Harry Evans

On-set incivility has been known to precipitate huge feuds between costars as well as between stars and the directors of their films, and it has even led to the dismissal of some stars from prominent parts. When the action occurs a sufficient number of times, it is not surprising that word begins to get about, and a negative reputation characterises them.

On the other hand, there are always stars whose costars can't stop raving about their hard work and how simple it is to work with them. Costars can't stop gushing about how easy it is to deal with them. According to their fellow cast members, the following performers are among the easiest and some of the most difficult to work with:

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp has spent a significant portion of his career as one of the performers looked up to the most in the business. He could play any quirky part and bring it to life because of his talent, giving the impression that he was everywhere.

Unfortunately for the adored celebrity, the more recent years have not been kind to him. Furthermore, as his private anguish has been dragged through the media, it appears as though he has altered quite a bit from the actor that many people were used to working with.

After it was disclosed that Depp was in economic disaster, it was got to add that he no longer had a choice but to follow, depicting Captain Jack Sparrow because he required the paycheck, which gave the impression that he no longer enjoyed being there.

This was reported after it was published that Depp was in financial ruin. In 2018, Depp was sued by a staff member who worked with him on the film City of Lies after the crew member claimed that Depp hit him.

The individual, who identified himself as Gregg Brooks, stated that Johnny Depp smelled strongly of booze and became irate when Brooks informed him that they had just one more chance at a shot after the actor had many unsuccessful attempts.

As the star's anger grew, Brooks sought the protection of an LAPD officer, but Depp followed him and is said to have hit him twice in the ribcage while shouting, "Who the f— are you? You have no authority to direct my behaviour in any way.

Brooks claims that when Depp punched him, Depp then told him, "$100,000 to strike me in the face right now," but Brooks declined to get into a fight with Depp and instead walked away from the altercation.

He further mentioned that Depp was eventually escorted off the set by his bodyguards at some point. In the meantime, Depp asserted his right to self-defence. More reports have surfaced about Depp not learning scripts and needing an earpiece to be delivered lines. He is no longer someone that many people want to deal with anymore.

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Johnson has seamlessly transitioned from a WWE celebrity to Hollywood's highest-paid actor, and you don't get to be the industry's best-paid actor if people don't want to work with you.

Johnson has made the shift from WWE hero to Hollywood's best-earning actor. Zac Efron, who costarred alongside Johnson in Baywatch, had this to say about his costar: "He's always expanding, and he keeps getting better as he goes.

" Tyrese Gibson alleged that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson had taken control of the Fast &'' Furious franchise, and he blamed Johnson's Hobbs &'' Shaw spinoff for the delay in the release of the ninth instalment of the film series.

Of course, Johnson did have some problems regarding his famed feud with his Fast &'' Furious costar Vin Diesel. However, Johnson had already called out several of his male cast mates for being "candy-asses," making it difficult to determine who the actual source of the problem was on set.

Bruce Willis

Along the same lines as Johnny Depp, it would appear that Bruce Willis' reputation has evolved somewhat over the years, and he is now regarded as one of the more challenging Hollywood stars to collaborate with.

Kevin Smith, who directed the actor in the film "Cop Out" in 2010, was one of the first people to confront Bruce Willis about his behaviour while on the film set.

In addition to all of these responses from celebrities who have dealt with Willis, it has been widely observed that he is notorious for being a lousy interview subject, and his negative attitude has become well-known at this point.

Sterling K. Brown

Actor Sterling K. Brown has been one of the most recognised men in the industry for many years, but he began to garner a lot of attention for his outstanding performance in the hit NBC drama This Is Us, which aired on NBC.

Even though the cast members of This Is Us can't stop raving about each other, it seems that Sterling K. Brown is the one who is frequently brought up in conversation the most. Brown is the only cast member and crew who everyone "could (and does) rave about constantly," according to Mandy Moore, who confessed as much.

Iconic writer, director, and creator Ryan Murphy has also said, "I'm not surprised with his accomplishment. Once we started to work together, I was like, 'Oh. This guy is so good that it's almost like seeing Marlon Brando.'... I also believe that Sterling is capable of doing anything. Sterling K. Brown has quite a flawless reputation for keeping up, especially considering the amount of work that still lies


Alec Baldwin

The actor does not have the finest reputation when it comes to the people who have collaborated on various projects with Alec Baldwin. Baldwin has been a "nightmare" for several years now; however, most of these tales originate from his time spent on NBC's 30 Rock.

There were numerous accusations that Baldwin was always cursing at the actors and crew, frequently held production up because he was late, and frequently complained about things as ludicrous as the air being "too dry."

Cheyenne Jackson, who had previously collaborated with Baldwin on the television show 30 Rock, remarked, "What I learnt from him was incredibly fantastic comedic timing and don't get in his light." It should come as no surprise that the numerous anecdotes describing Baldwin's outbursts of rage, temper tantrums, and obnoxious behaviour in public settings are directly proportional to his negative reputation on the set.

George Clooney

George Clooney is one of the most legendary actors of his generation. While some might assume that he would be the stereotypical "jerk" because of his fame and wealth, it turns out that he has never let being at the top of the A-list transform his demeanour, passion, or professionalism.

Clooney is one of the most iconic actors of his generation. The acting and directing abilities of George Clooney have been lauded by a large number of well-known celebrities. "George is fantastic. He's generous.

He has a good mind. He makes you laugh. Being an actor himself, he is familiar with collaborating with other performers. Because he speaks the same language, there is no need to waste time translating between documents; we are already on the same page. "It's as if we had known each other for years," Evan Rachel Wood remarked of her experience working with George Clooney on the film The Ides of March.

Over the many years that Clooney has worked in the entertainment sector, praises similar to Evan Rachel Wood's have reverberated across Hollywood.

Kiefer Sutherland

Others have been just as vocal about how tough it is to deal with actor Kiefer Sutherland, even though some have said how much they enjoyed their time spent working with him. One of the most shocking who spoke out was actor Freddie Prinze Jr.

The normally secretive and reticent celebrity revealed, "I did 24, and it was awful." I wouldn't say I liked every second of it. Kiefer was the least professional person you could ever hope to meet. That is not me talking smack; I would tell him that to his face. Everyone who has ever dealt with him has said something similar. And after that, all I wanted to do was walk away from the company.

Therefore, I just stopped doing it altogether." However, that was not the end of his accomplishments; Prinze Jr. went on to say, "I went to work for Vince McMahon at WWE... And working with Kiefer was a piece of cake compared to this task. But at least he was hip and towering over everyone else. In contrast to what they made me do in other sequences, doing scenes with him did not require me to remove my shoes.

If you don't want to hire me again, all you have to do is put that man on an apple box. I am six feet tall, whereas he is only five feet and four inches. In addition, actress Shohreh Aghdashloo claimed that Sutherland was difficult to collaborate with, but she also accused him of being responsible for her termination from the production.

Jim Parsons

Actor On The Big Bang Theory, Jim Parsons is known for his role as Dr Sheldon Cooper, making him the most popular character. Even though he portrays an annoying yet amusing know-it-all on the programme, Parsons is adored in real life.

He has a high level of professionalism. He is open to trying out new things, which is very encouraging. "Jim as a person, an artist, and an actor has an uncommon gift," said Ryan Murphy, who worked with the actor on the show The Normal Heart and is among the many people in the business who have complimented Parsons in addition to his costars.

He exudes a genuine innocence and straightforwardness. When it comes to music, Jim never hits a wrong note."

Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase has had a dramatic fall from grace in recent years. It has come to light that the once-revered actor's attitude has been consistent throughout his career, even though he has become notorious for making statements that are frequently derogatory. He only survived one season on Saturday Night Live in 1975, even though he had become a comedy icon during his one season there.

He only lasted one season because the rest of the cast had difficulty getting along with him. Will Ferrell filed a complaint after hitting Chery Oteri in the back of the skull while they were practising. As a result, Chevy Chase became the only cast member in the history of Saturday Night Live to be permanently banned from the show. He was known for verbally abusing the other cast members during his appearances on the show.

However, he did not change his ways. He had a very problematic run on the hit show Community, where it was said that he verbally abused everyone on set and continually hurled around racial slurs. He did not change his ways and had a controversial run on the smash series Community. After that, he voiced his criticism of the programme in an online forum, adding, "It's simply a f***ing terrible sitcom! The statement "I want people to laugh, and this isn't funny" led to a public feud with the show's creator, Dan Harmon.

The star of Community, Joel McHale, has spoken out publicly about Chase's behaviour on set, stating, "He didn't want to be there," and adding, "when I would try [to calm him down], he would just try and fight me, physically fight me." McHale made these comments in response to a fan who asked him about Chase's behaviour.