Celebrities Who Modified Their Cars
Sep 11, 2022 By Harry Evans

These A-listers need to be aware that there is a fine line between self-expression and just lacking good taste, even if there is nothing wrong with letting the world know about your preferences. It's a relief to know that famous people worldwide have a decent eye for how a customized automobile should appear. On the other hand, certain celebrities are famous only for their wealth, and as a result, they have modified their automobiles in the most embarrassing manner possible.

10 Chris Brown - Lamborghini Gallardo

The custom automobiles of West Coast Customs are among the most breathtaking examples of their kind. However, after witnessing Chris Brown's Lamborghini Gallardo, we are left wondering whether or not they took the bespoke project they were commissioned to undertake seriously. After all, was said and done, Ryan, a stylist at West Coast Custom, expressed genuine satisfaction with the outcome of the wrap that seemed to be influenced by Hot Wheels. Chris Brown is a celebrity who is notorious for destroying automobiles with horrible modifications, so the fact that the car belonged to him isn't shocking, even though it was completely dreadful.

9 Chris Brown - Porsche Panamera

If you have switched on your radio at any point since 2005, then the likelihood is high that you have heard a song by Chris Brown. The song "Run It" that the man released in 2005 was the first big smash of his music career. Now, he is considered one of the most famous pop stars in the music business history. On top of that, he has a well-deserved reputation for abusing beautiful automobiles like this one, which is quite unfortunate.

It would seem that the sharp-toothed monsters in pink and blue that appear to be breaking out of the Porsche are the same kind that he drew on his home in 2013. Chris must have reasoned that people would leave him alone if the graffiti were put on his vehicle rather than the wall after the neighbors demanded that he remove it off the wall.

8 Darren McFadden - Buick Centurion

Being very talented in a particular sport and then being selected to compete for a well-known team are among the most challenging routes to fame and fortune. For the most part, this is how things worked out for Darren McFadden, who is now retired from playing running back in football. However, before putting his gear away for protection, CelebrityNetWorth reports that Daren was able to rake in up to $50 million in compensation alone.

7 Purrari Deadmau5

He has been making music for several years now. As a result, he has amassed a net worth of fifty million dollars and many luxury vehicles. In addition, he had a Ferrari 458 Spider from 2013 that he had customized in the style of a Nyan cat. It was given the moniker "Purrari" by Deadmau5, who also customized the inside with matching badges and floor mats.

6 Dennis Rodman

To be considered a celebrity, one does not necessarily need to have a background in the performing arts. If you work in any other field and are as renowned and wealthy as Dennis Rodman, then you're basically on par with an A-list celebrity. After a career in the NBA, at which time Clutchpoint estimates that Dennis made around $27 million, Dennis became well known.

5 Felix Hernandez - Range Rover

The exterior styling of Range Rovers is intended to convey an image that is robust, adaptable, and refined simultaneously. Altering the paint job may make the appeal more compelling or entirely transform it, as was the case with the Rover HSE owned by Felix Hernandez, a superstar in the American baseball league.

4 Jake Paul - Ford Focus

Being well-known on a social media site such as YouTube may quickly elevate a person to celebrity status in today's culture. But in contrast to other YouTube stars, Jake Paul already had a successful career outside the site as a boxer and actor. Today, most of his work is based on his day-to-day experiences, such as how he wrecked an otherwise immaculate Ford Focus RS.

3 Jojo Siwa - Tesla Model X

Jojo Siwa is a vivacious pop diva who enjoys having a good time and has a lot of charm. And even though we have nothing against her, someone had to point out that she drives one of the ugliest automobiles in the history of the world. It has been brought to our attention that the young pop diva also has a BMW convertible.

2 Josh Gordon, Porsche Panamera

Some celebrities like to keep their cars disguised to blend in with the regular people and avoid the paparazzi that follow them wherever they go. On the other hand, some celebrities like Josh Gordon choose to have the pattern of a camouflage print wrapped around their vehicle. He must have felt that it didn't fit in well enough, so he decided to pair it with rims that were a bright orange color. In 2013, witnesses saw him driving the Porsche for the first time before Josh had his major ban.

1 Snooki - Cadillac Escalade

Black is such a timeless color that one can never go wrong with choosing it for their vehicle. It is also OK to combine it with other hues, albeit doing so is not always the smartest thing. Unfortuitously, Snookie is of the opposite opinion. The star of Jersey Shore has a few decent vehicles. Still, in the past, she was the proud owner of a gigantic Cadillac Escalade that was instantly recognizable due to its distinctive external design. It was a huge relief wrapped in a matte black material.