10 Signs That You Are Frequent Flyer
Jun 18, 2022 By Jennifer Roy

The millennial generation's desire to travel is as irresistible as a mouse to cheese. As a result, there will be some who have just caught on to the craze, as well as those who see travel as more than simply a way to relax or have fun. Regarding travel, some people have a more personal connection to it than others.

Signs You're A Traveller.

Are you itching to go exploring? If you're still interested in travelling as a pastime, look at the advice provided below.

You Can't Quit Thinking About Your Favourite Vacation Spot.

Amid a hectic workday, have you thought of a vacation to a faraway place? There's a good chance your inner wanderlust is urging you to book that dream getaway finally.

You're Always On The Hunt For Extra-Long Weekends.

It is a God-sent gift to those who wish to see the world and take advantage of extended weekends. With a holiday on each side, many weekends throughout the year are enticing enough to convince you to take that long-anticipated vacation. You're probably a regular traveller if you're always looking forward to the next round of vacations.

People Ask You Where To Vacation Often.

What do you do when you get a phone call at 11 p.m. from a buddy who wants to know where the nicest beaches are in February? It appears that you've already established yourself as a trusted source of travel advice for your peers. In the eyes of those close to you, you are an experienced traveller who can help them plan their next holiday. Talk sensibly!

You're Never Short Of Stories To Tell.

Do you find yourself telling tales about that "once in Thailand" or "wild night in Prague" during a reunion of old college friends? Each journey gives you a wealth of new experiences and tales to share with others. When you travel, you open yourself up to meeting individuals from other parts of the world and getting to know their cultures, experiences, and personalities for the first time.

After A Vacation, You Plan The Next One.

Even if your trip to Sikkim just ended, a Facebook post provides you with a hint as to where your next holiday may take place. Next thing you know, you're on Google looking for information about a vacation spot. It's always a good idea for frequent travellers to map their next destination ahead of time.

You Get Emails From Airlines Offering Deals.

You sign up for airline newsletters as soon as you see them. Flight deals attract frequent flyers, which may be enticed to book a last-minute vacation to a new location if they find a particularly good deal. To maximize the number of trips they may take, a seasoned traveller is always looking for methods to save money while on vacation.

You Avoid Weekend Parties.

Prioritizing your life becomes easier if you know that travel is your desire. It is a sure indicator that you are an ardent traveller if you find yourself preceding a weekend party with your pals to save money for a future vacation.

Your Workplace Desk Is Full of Keepsakes.

Your workspace may get cluttered if you bring back souvenirs from distant cities and countries such as London, Paris, Bali, or Sydney. Many of us have an intense emotional connection to the places we go to and want to take those upbeat emotions with us wherever we go.

You Don't Mind Long City Commutes

On a busy Friday evening, two friends were grumbling and screaming about the ETA on Google Maps as they waited in the traffic bottleneck. However, all of your focus is on the cheerful tune playing on your phone and being sent to your soul via your trusty earbuds. There are telltale signs that you've become accustomed to long commutes and have developed a strategy for blocking out the world's problems while you make your way back home.

You Compare Vacation Meals To Hometown Food.

What? It's not up to par with the spaghetti you had in Italy?! Were the Medu Vadas in Chennai any better? The dumplings you had in Sikkim were close but not quite as nice as the ones you got here? This is, without a doubt, a telltale indicator of your penchant for exploring new places.

Travellers sometimes hurry back to their favourite restaurants after a holiday to try the "wonderful local food" they had while away, only to be let down by the lack of quality. Of course, your travels took you to regions where the native food was unquestionably the greatest in the world, so you had to sample it. What a waste of time and effort if you were to attempt to locate a match for that in your hometown.