These Superstars Totally Ruined Their Costly Cars


Sep 08, 2022 By Harry Evans

With money, you can get many things, but you can't buy taste. Even though it's nothing new for celebrities to customize their sports cars, sometimes stars make mistakes so bad that a true gearhead can't just ignore them without saying something. Some stars can't help themselves, like Kim Kardashian, who turned the inside of her Lamborghini into a white teddy bear, or Farrah Fawcett, who turned the interior of her car into Grandmother's house. They end up throwing away their money on bad interior changes. Here are eight famous people who have usually damaged the inside and outside of their cars over the years. These famous people made so many mistakes that it's fantastic to see how celebrities ruined vehicles that were already great.

Kim Kardashian’s Fluffy Lamborghini

Another well-known individual who dishonoured the Lamborghini gods by covering her Lamborghini Urus with a fur coat is Kim Kardashian. When we say "covered," we refer to both the inside and outside of the building as being covered. Even if you disregard the fact that a vehicle that is completely coated in fluff will be challenging to clean and will no longer be practical, the condition of a car that contains nothing but fluff on the inside is just as awful. One can only hazard a guess as to how long it takes Kim's employees to vacuum the inside of the beast.

Hulk Hogan's Dodge Viper Appears Like His Sweatbands

Hulk Hogan concluded that his 1994 Dodge Viper RT/10 required a more individualised touch to reflect his character. What better way to represent his wrestling colours than by making the inside of the car's upholstery bright red and trimming it with yellow? As if that were not enough, Hulk decided that the outside of the automobile should have the same appearance as the inside. Because of this, an otherwise slick Dodge Viper has been painted in bright yellow and red, making it appear more like a Hulk Hogan vehicle toy that you could find in a box of cereal than the automobile of a former WWE champion.

Jeffree Starr's "Pretty" Pink Rolls-Royce

The YouTube personality and beauty artist decided to follow Kim Kardashian's terrible example and damage a previously immaculate Rolls Royce Cullinan by fluffing up the inside. Still, instead of choosing a white colour scheme, he chose an all-pink colour scheme. You can only imagine how much money they threw away by modifying the inside of Starr's Rolls Royce when you consider that it would sell for $330,000 if it had no modifications.

Paris Hilton Even "Prettier" Pink Bentley

Hilton likes pink, too, like Starr, so she painted her entire Bentley Continental pink. The outside is bright pink like a Barbie doll, but if you thought that was all Paris had to offer, you don't know Paris. The inside of the car is also all pink, but it is a darker shade of pink than the outside. Nicki Minaj, whose Lamborghini was also pink, took a sleek car and painted it and the inside of it a bright shade of pink.

Pink and Gold Mustangs Owned By Cher and Sonny

Some people are too young to remember Cher and Sonny Bono as a duo in the 1960s and 1970s, but they were like any other Hollywood power couple today. Before they broke up, they were one of the most popular bands in the US. The couple bought these bright pink and gold Mustangs with white leather interiors to show how happy they were with their success. Even though the cars were excellent at the time, by today's standards, they are very tacky and get too much attention. The vehicles have been sold at auction several times, but always in pairs.

Tekashi's Acrylic Spilled Lamborghini Is Horrible On The Inside Two

When Tekashi 6x9ine, like Chris Brown, ruined the outside of his Lamborghini by painting it in an odd and loud way, many car fans went crazy. People think that his splatter-painted Lamborghini Aventador is one of the worst celebrity modifications, and the inside isn't much better. Even though the interior design isn't the worst, the bright blue fake leather seats with black trim are just as loud as the colours outside the car.

The Flowery Corvette C3 Of Farrah Fawcett

Even though Farrah Fawcett is no longer with us, she became famous during the heyday of the American muscle and sports car, so it was natural for her to buy one and make it fit her personality. Why a floral print on the upholstery of her already stylish C3 was the best way to show that personality is still a mystery. The inside of the car looked less like the car of one of Charlie's Angels and more like Grandma's wallpaper.

Justin Bieber's Leopard Skin Audi

The famous leopard print wrap that Justin Bieber put on his $200,000 Audi R8 was also broken on the outside. Since then, Bieber has changed his Audi to a refined and smooth metallic black to make it less flashy. However, a paparazzi photo of Bieber present at WCC (West Coast Customs) shows that the Audi has a leopard print inside.

Chris Brown's Lamborghinis are a disgrace

The controversial R&''B singer wastes a lot of money on Lamborghini, evil and expensive habit. It's not unusual for celebrities to buy expensive supercars, but it is uncommon for Brown to keep ruining them with cheap paint jobs and redesigns. He made one car look like a race car by painting it. Or at least what he thought a race car should look like. He ruined one by painting it white, red, blue, and yellow and making the inside match. This makes his Gallardo look like something from Voltron. Don't fix what isn't broken, Chris. Lamborghinis are already great examples of style and design.