Actors Who Are Dating Their Co-Stars in Real Life
Apr 15, 2022 By Harry Evans

When your favorite on-screen duos become real-life baes, everything is correct. When these nine couples succumbed to their undeniable chemistry, they sent fans into a frenzy, proving that true love can be found (and that their casting directors knew what they were doing).

Johnny Depp &'' Winona Ryder

Johnny Depp plays Edward Scissorhands, an artificial humanoid whose creator dies before he can give him real hands, leaving him forever "unfinished" and unsettling to society. His love interest, Kim Boggs, is played by Winona Ryder, a beautiful suburban girl who comes to care for and protect Edward from her neighbors' prejudices.

Following their first date at the 1989 New York premiere of Great Balls of Fire!, the couple began dating and remained together throughout the production of Edward Scissorhands, according to People. Five months after their first date, they got engaged and announced their breakup in June 1993.

Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst's and Tobey Maguire's relationship in Sam Raimi's original 2002 Spider-Man film is one example of how the franchise's movies consistently produce real-life romances. Maguire plays the intrepid Spider-Man, and Dunst is his vivacious love interest, Mary Jane Watson. They progress from being classmates to friends to potential love interests in the course of the film, a relationship that will be further explored in the series' subsequent installments.

Maguire and Dunst "apparently began dating each other... in the middle of the first movie... but eventually broke up before the second movie," Raimi said in a 2007 interview with the Sydney Morning Herald. No one could tell they were apart in Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 3, but Raimi was worried that their chemistry in those films would suffer because of their split.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

As bad as Gigli may be, it is a part of cinematic history as the film that brought us "Bennifer," Ben Affleck, and Jennifer Lopez's enduring romance. Affleck portrays Larry Gigli, a low-ranking Los Angeles mobster tasked with kidnapping the DA's brother during the film. Ricki - played by Lopez - is a secretive assassin to ensure that Gigli's work goes according to plan. A romance develops between them over time.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck started dating in 2002, according to Vulture. Jennifer Lopez's "Jenny from the Block" music video featured a cameo by Ben Affleck, who went on to star with Lopez in Jersey Girl in the following year. "Excessive media attention" forced them to cancel their wedding plans, which had been scheduled for late 2003. However, as of April 2021, these stars have rekindled their romance, so they may yet find their happily ever after.

Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron

Fans of Disney who grew up in the mid-2000s are familiar with Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens' relationship in High School Musical. The connection between Troy Bolton, played by Zac Efron, and Gabriella Montez, played by Vanessa Hudgens, was immediately apparent in the opening scene of the first film in the franchise. The enduring romance between the two delighted Disney Channel viewers worldwide as they struggled to break out of social conventions once they returned to school after the winter break.

According to People magazine, during the filming of the first High School Musical in 2005, Efron and Hudgens fell in love with each other. Efron and Hudgens broke up in 2010, whereas Troy and Gabriella stayed together through college at the end of High School Musical 3: Senior Year.

Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner

Nothing is surprising that the set of 2010's Valentine's Day, which featured a large number of stars, was filled with romantic feelings. Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift, who played William and Felicia, couldn't keep their hands off each other in every scene they had together as the two teenagers.

While filming Valentine's Day in the fall of 2009, both Taylors fell hard and fast in love. But Swift announced her departure at the beginning of this year, after only a few short months of fun in the limelight. According to Billboard, in the song "Back to December" in 2010, she famously sang about their relationship.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

To add to the massive success of The Twilight Saga, KStew and RPatz became the "it couple" of the late 2000s, making headlines for the years that followed because of their on-screen chemistry. There, Stewart portrayed an introverted teen who meets and falls in love with vampire Edward Cullen (played by Robert Pattinson) after moving to a small town in Washington.

It was not until 2009 that Stewart and Pattinson began dating after starring in the series's first film. After a brief reconciliation in October 2012, the couple decided to call it quits in May.

Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas

Actor-singer Joe Jonas and singer-songwriter Demi Lovato met on the set of Disney Channel Original Movie Camp Rock, and their romance blossomed. Demetria Lovato played the energetic, aspiring singer Mitchie, while Nick Jonas portrayed the arrogant, pretentious pop star Shane Gray, who Mitchie humbles.

Lovato and Jonas started dating in real life two years after the release of Camp Rock in 2008, Elle reports, and their relationship grew more potent as a result of touring together. It was unfortunate that Jonas had to call it quits on the relationship and say, "It's tough to find colleagues who will stick with you for the rest of your career in this industry. When I first met Demi, I knew we'd have a great friendship. That's something I don't want ever to lose."

Nicholas Hoult and Jennifer Lawrence

Actress Jennifer Lawrence had her first role as the character Mystique in 2011's X-Men: First Class. In the film adaptation, while it wasn't in the comics, there was a romance between her and Hank McCoy, better known to fans as Beast. The two characters formed a close friendship because they had to hide their true identities and appearances to fit in with the modern world.

According to Elle, when Lawrence and Hoult started dating while filming X-Men: Days of Future Past in 2010, they stayed together for four years before breaking up after the movie's release in 2014. Since their split, they've worked together on X-Men: Apocalypse and Dark Phoenix, but they had no issues on set and have continued to support one another.

Emma Stone &'' Andrew Garfield

After the film's release, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone of The Amazing Spider-Man were the second Spidey couple to continue their relationship in the real world. Peter Parker's first love interest from the comics, Gwen Stacy, made her screen debut as Spider-love Man's interest Gwen Stacy, who Garfield played.

Garfield and Stone, like Peter and Gwen, fell in love quickly and, according to Cosmopolitan, began dating while filming The Amazing Spider-Man in 2010. However, the two have remained silent about their relationship for years. After a brief romance, the two broke up in October of that year, and it was widely reported.

Zendaya &'' Tom Holland

In yet another instance, an actor portraying Spider-Man cannot stay away from his leading lady even after the cameras have stopped rolling. The chemistry between Tom Holland and Zendaya in Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home, where Holland's squirrely Spider-Man meets Zendaya's more mature M.J., should come as no surprise.

Despite their on-screen chemistry, the pair have been dogged by rumors of an off-screen romance for years, but they have constantly denied it. In July, those claims came under scrutiny when Us Weekly reported that the co-stars had been spotted kissing in a car. However, when it comes to their relationship, it appears that Holland and Zendaya are no longer hiding their feelings.

Rose Leslie and Kit Harington

In the wake of Jon Snow and Ygritte's demise, shippers of the ill-fated lovers were devastated. It's good to know that Harington and Leslie are a real-life hot couple for Game of Thrones fans, though. The two attended the Olivier Awards in London on Sunday, confirming their long-rumored romance. There was also P.D.A.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

On Mr. and Mrs. Smith's set in 2003, the world's most beautiful couple met. This movie's secret agents worked out their marriage issues, but seeing Pitt and Jolie grow as a couple in real life was the best part of the movie for us. Pitt and Jolie spent a lot of time talking about their goals in life and realized they were very similar; Jolie told Vogue in 2006 about their first meeting with Pitt before he divorced Jennifer Aniston. "I think it took until the end of the shoot for us to realize that it might mean more than we'd allowed ourselves to believe earlier. Knowing that this was a big deal and would necessitate a great deal of careful consideration." Jolie and Pitt have been together for eleven years and are now the proud parents of six children, making them one of the most envious couples.

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum

On the set of Step Up, they didn't have sagging hips. We can't blame either of the Tatums for falling in love during the filming of the 2006 dance flick. They got married in 2009 and now have a daughter named Everly, two years old. 'Oh, wow, that was our first real kiss,' Channing told Redbook about re-watching Step Up with Jenna years after its release. Upon completion of the film, the couple returned to Los Angeles together and have remained so ever since.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

Nothing beats a Nicholas Sparks movie as a cupid's arrow. Because they were playing teen lovers in the film The Last Song, Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus could get to know each other while the cameras were off. KIIIS-Ryan FM's Seacrest revealed that their first kiss was filmed on day one of shooting. On the first day of filming, "we were running through the water and splashing and having fun," he recalled. The director, Julie Anne [Robinson], yelled 'Kiss!' halfway through the scene." On the boat, we were thrown into a kiss. Although their relationship has been rocky in the past few years, it is currently reported that Cyrus and Hemsworth are engaged to be married.

Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin

It's no surprise that vampire Bill (Moyer) and blonde bombshell waitress Sookie (Paquin) struck up a real-life romance after some steamy True Blood scenes. "We got together for the show's screen testing. The two of us were both singles at the time, and there was just this kind of spark," Moyer recalled on Watch What Happens Live in 2015. When I saw her again, she had gone from having dark hair to this beautiful blond, and I had gone from being blond to this dark vampire after three months apart. " My feelings for her began to crystallize around day three or four, and by that point, I realized I wanted to devote the rest of my life to her company. Within a matter of seconds, "it just became a trend." Two children have been born to Paquin and Moyer, who have been married since 2010.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis

Forever Jackie and Kelso! Kutcher and Kunis, who were just 14 and 20 at their respective roles in That '70s Show, grew up to be excellent real-life partners and parents. He looked so familiar to me that I immediately recognized him as the Calvin Klein mannequin. And then it hit me: must I kiss him? The fear and discomfort were crippling me. About her first kiss with Kutcher on the show, Kunis told PEOPLE, "I had the biggest crush on him. "I was so nervous. I couldn't believe it," admitted the actor. She put on such a cool face. She appeared to have done this a thousand times before. It was only me who was fluttering around in my tummy. This little girl has to be kissed by me. It was a bit tense."

Benjie and Morena Baccarin

On March 2, Frances Laiz was born to McKenzie and Baccarin's Gotham characters, and on March 2, McKenzie and Baccarin welcomed daughter Frances Laiz. In an interview with PEOPLE, Baccarin, 36, explained that she was expecting both a real and a fictitious child at the same time. "It was a complete fluke. When I found out I was pregnant, they already had plans to use [Ben and my characters] in this way. It was a big relief to them when I told them. While working with a dad-to-be is great, the actress went on to talk about the perks. She said, "Ben is the sweetest." When you're expecting a child, having a coworker who is your spouse can be especially beneficial because you know you'll receive extra attention and care.