Celebrities Who Braved The Public In Disguise


May 13, 2022 By Harry Evans

Even if celebrities are fully aware that pursuing a career in showbiz means putting their personal lives on hold, there comes the point where they become bored of the spotlight and the media. They're so stressed out by popularity that they'd rather roam the streets disguised as best they can, as sunglasses no longer do the trick. This is a long list of celebrities who have done it amusingly.

Heidi Klum

Fashion model Heidi Klum has been a household name in Germany since the 1990s, and in 2013 she dressed up as an older adult for a Halloween party. These outfits are unique, and only she can create them! She owes her flawless makeup application to her award-winning makeup artists.

Channing Tatum

As a result of seeing him dance in Step Up, Channing Tatum has become one of America's most appealing leading males. He dressed as Scott, a marketing professional for the Magic Mike XXL screening, and went about his business to have some fun. Fans had no idea he was interviewing them since he was immersed in his persona. To keep his identity hidden, he performed a delightfully amusing stunt, which allowed him to have a good time while he was in the role.


When Drake appeared on Jimmy Kimmel's Lie Witness News broadcast in 2014, he also had some fun with a wig, fake beard, and spectacles to hide his identity. To get to know Drake better, he stopped as many people as possible and asked them about the rapper. When he asked the people what they thought of his music, they were honest, but he disclosed his identity if they could repeat a lyric from one of his songs.

Ryan Reynolds

Using his skills as an actor and a comedian, Ryan Reynolds channeled Darth Vader, one of his favorite Star Wars characters, at Comic-Con. He was a panelist at the event, so he disguised himself in a costume to better look around. The admirers realized how close they had been to the Hollywood celebrity while walking and touching elbows.

Kendall, Khloe and Kylie

To have some fun as a group with Kendall, Khloe, and Kylie, the three Kardashian-Jenner sisters decided to disguise themselves on a Hollywood tour bus. They all had to undergo extensive prosthetics to achieve their desired disguise. With her bangs and spectacles, Kylie appears edgier than Kendall, who opted for an enormous nose. Their makeup and prosthetics have helped them to get through this challenge.

David Beckham

On Ellen DeGeneres' show, former professional soccer star David Beckham made a guest visit for special credit. But he accomplished it uniquely. He disguised himself as a former soccer star. Beckham appeared on Ellen DeGeneres' show a few years back and dressed up as a Target clerk to perform a comedy performance. He was virtually unrecognizable because of the makeup he wore when he stood in the aisle of a Target store and offered consumers free samples of the perfume. He performed a fantastic job and looked wonderful doing it.


Since the 1980s, Madonna has been referred to as the "Queen of Pop." Until today, she has remained a prominent figure in the public eye. Despite her notoriety, the singer nevertheless enjoys unwinding in the company of friends and family, unbothered by the constant presence of the paparazzi. As a result of a dancing injury, she pretended to be a 61-year-old woman on crutches. She wandered the bewildering streets of New York City in a bizarre costume consisting of a fur coat and sweatpants.

Mark Ruffalo

Comic-Con 2015 was attended by Mark Ruffalo, an American actor best known for portraying the Hulk. To avoid drawing too much attention to himself as a wonderful dad, he decided to hide by donning a mask that was both unsettling and eerie. When he removed the mask, admirers began to pay attention to him. He and his son had a wonderful day together.


Possibly it's a genetic trait. Pop singer Kesha sped out of Tracie Martyn Salon in New York City in August 2010 and undoubtedly scared the paparazzi with her speed. A stripey orange-and-white tiger mask and cowboy boots completed the image of the "Cannibal" singer, who made the peace sign and got into a taxi while wearing the outfit.

Editors, on the other hand, must have been ecstatic. In an airy title for Extra TV, "Who Is That Tiger-Masked Girl?" was musing. It was suggested that Kesha's flushing was a sign that she was "in a new relationship" (Her boyfriend at the time was Australian drummer Alex Carapetis.) According to The Mirror, her "crazy lady of pop image" was all she was doing. Idolator lazily suspected "certain imperfections she will remove when it came to Kesha."

One thing worth mentioning about Kesha is her apparent obsession with tigers. A year later, she wore a different tiger mask on Instagram since she was supposedly "feeling like a saber tooth" at the time. According to the Daily Mail, Kesha received a "powerful new tattoo" in 2017: a roaring tiger on her left hand. Maybe we should all just let Kesha enjoy her tigers independently without any interference from us.

Justin Bieber

A gas mask may not be the best disguise if you're attempting to avoid detection in a crowd. During a shopping trip to London in 2013, Justin Bieber learned the hard way. It's said by the Daily Mail that he'd remove his headwear before entering a business, then put it back on as soon as he exited. Bieber combined his gas mask with a leather jacket and a Brooklyn Mets baseball cap for a casually post-apocalyptic appearance. According to Us Weekly, Bieber and a friend wore the mask "as a joke to confuse the photographers."

In 2016, where was Justin Bieber's pal while he was dashing about Amsterdam in a bushy brown wig and an excessively fake goatee? By asking a group of females, "Does this seem real?" Bieber reportedly broke his cover, according to Elle. Not helping matters was Bieber's presence in the company of a man who was his security. The Daily Mail reports that photographers spotted pop star Justin Bieber at a coffee shop in Los Angeles.

Bieber has previously been seen with a Guy Fawkes mask, two sofa cushions covering his face, and a cowboy scarf over his face as if he were contemplating abandoning pop music to go into train robbery.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

It's delicious. It's a high-end design. It's a little irritating. When Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone used homemade signs, generous hearts, and superb on-the-feet thinking, they beat the paparazzi at their own game. In June 2014, the on-again/off-again pair took a stroll in Manhattan while hiding their faces behind a two-part handwritten statement promoting several deserving charities. According to People, Stone's page was titled " Welcome to the day! A group of men with cameras caught our attention outside our window as we dined.

But these great organizations do, and thus we don't require their attention." In addition to Youth Mentoring, Autism Speaks, Gilda's Club NYC, and Worldwide Orphans, Garfield's sign also supported numerous other charitable organizations. The sign said, "Here's to the things that count." "I hope you have a wonderful day!"

Their use of that precise maneuver has been exposed previously. BuzzFeed said two years ago that Garfield and Stone were seen holding up two different placards to their faces. In Hollywood circles, this generosity spread like wildfire. Anne Hathaway scribbled a message that even included the stars with her husband Adam Shulman: "Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield had a terrific idea!" On Twitter, she pleaded with her followers to donate to two charities: Feeding America and World Orphans.

Kanye West

Many things can happen to Kanye West at any one time. Few celebrities go out of their way to be friendly with paparazzi, share Uber rides, hug them, and even say things like, "It's nice to meet you." "Paparazzi are the only ones that keep me alive. Because you maintain me in the public eye." In March 2016, he expressed his attitude to XXL photographers and camera operators.

When it comes to terrible days, West is no exception. He's not afraid to strike out at photographers when he's in a bad mood. Supposedly, he'll even beat them up. Consider his fight with professional photographer Daniel Ramos at Los Angeles International Airport in 2013. According to Rolling Stone, he received a punishment of 250 hours of community service and 30 days in anger management for that awful incident.

West will try to fool the paparazzi in between days by donning a half-hearted disguise. He also enjoys wearing hats and scarves in the winter. West wore a bright red ski mask over his face when he visited the Maison Martin Margiela Haute Couture show in Paris in 2013. As the editors of the Daily Mail pointed out, the slice "freshly cut through the wool" at the mouth-hole "looked handcrafted."

Katy Perry

Pop singer Katy Perry is a master of the art of paparazzi evasion. She has a flair for grabbing whatever parts are lying around and turning them into disguises – all at the drop of a hat. When it comes to keeping cameras away from her, it's understandable. According to BuzzFeed, several males reportedly "stalked" her on a beach in Australia in 2014. According to Perry, if she gave them "a bathing suit shot," these men would leave her alone; she says they threatened her. "Perverted" and "disgusting" were some of the words she used to describe their actions.

Perry developed a few tactics to avoid such individuals. It was October 2014, and she was leaving the LAX International Airport when photographers began to sing "Happy Birthday" to her. For her departure from Miami International Airport in 2009, she was spotted with a donut-shaped cushion on her face, according to a report in the Daily Mail. "When getting off the plane, it was the perfect paparazzi shield," Perry stated in a tweet. The cushion was purchased from KidRobot NYC and was too big to fit her luggage.

Her greatest concealment may be to hide in plain sight or make herself an unappetizing proposal to money-hungry paparazzi. She told the New York Times in 2017 that she wears the same Adidas tracksuit every time she leaves the house, which reduces the value of any photos she could take.

Dustin Hoffman

Despite Dustin Hoffman's talent as an actor, the world would be better off if he focused on what he does best: writing. He's a modern maestro of "Paparazzi Peek-A-Boo," a game we call "Tootsie." Hollywood folklore has grown out of Hoffman's obsession with pranking paparazzi, and he's always come up with novel methods of evading wide-angle lenses.

To date, the following are some of his biggest successes: As long as photographers aren't there, he'll gladly turn the tables on them by staring them down through cumbersome binoculars. He'll hide behind poles, crouch under newspaper stands, or cover his face with leaves and twigs as a disguise. (A trick he's done on multiple times.)

"Well, I don't know what the alternative is," Hoffman told James Corden in 2017 when asked why he feels obligated to handle photographers in this manner. Priscilla Page writes some interesting articles on Hoffman's encounters with the paparazzi that are worth checking out if you're interested in learning more about his antics.

He's put on the best disguise yet. Hoffman dressed up as a Texier shopping bag and strolled the streets of Paris, and we're especially fond of that (with two ghostly eye-holes.) LaBeouf, you've got a lot to learn.

Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale, an actress and singer has had terrible luck with photographers. As she wanders the streets of Los Angeles, she'll be stalked by them. When they block her Range Rover as she attempts to leave the gym, she'll yell, "Get out of the way!" and scream. One clip shows that they'll happily follow her as she eats lunch with her mother at Paty's, giddily snapping photos as she leaves the restaurant. Isn't that what everyone wants?

Tisdale's house was broken into in 2008 by a video camera-wielding thief who wanted to acquire some exclusive footage of the actress. Access Hollywood quoted her as saying, "They don't want regular America to know this is what they do to try to acquire images" (via NBC.) So we're quite sure they have no idea where the middle of America is.

When the chips are down, desperate measures must be taken. In 2007, Tisdale had to resort to using her dog, Maui, as a sort of canine barrier. She was trying to "get in-dog-into," according to TMZ, as she maneuvered her teacup Maltipoo through the crowds of paparazzi at JFK International Airport. Maui was named Radar Online's "Pet of the Week" for her "unwavering fearlessness" in the face of photographers.